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I haven't updated my bolg for a while because it's not easy to access the internet after I left Stockholm, Swedem.  Usually there is only one desktop in the backpacker hostel and lots of people are waiting in line to use it.  Therefore, I couldn't take time to write about my trip.  Besides, some of the desktops can't read Chinese.  That is really annoying.  Anyways, thanks for checking my bolg even there is no new article.

I have been in Scotland for 14 days.  I can't help to complain about the weather again.  The clouds seem to follow me everywhere I went except Stockholm and Helsinki.  Only the first day in Eninburgh was sunny.  After that, it's been rainy or clouded for the whole week.  People say this is typical Scotland and England weather.  No wonder there are green everywhrere.  But I still wish for sunshine.  Finally, the weather turns better after I reach Fort William.  It's probably that it knows I'm gonna climb the highest peak so I got good weather for it.

Fort William is the largest town in the west highlands of Scotland.  It is located at the foot of Ben Nevis which is 1,344m (4,406ft) and the highest peak of UK.  There are many walking trails around the area.  For examples, you can walk the West Highland Way between Fort William and Gasgow for 152km (95 miles).  

It wasn't my plan to climb the Ben Nevis because it takes about 7-8 hours for a return trip according to the instruction on the guide book.  However, there was a lady in the same dorm with me who described her trip of climbing the Ben Nevis and encouraged me to do so.  She was 37(or 47?) years old and this was her fisrt mountain to climb.  It took her 3 hours to climb up and 1 hour to back down.  It seemed not so bad, but note that she is a fitness instructor who works out every day.  Anyways, she challenged me with the words like this is what you should do in Fort William.  So be it.

I started the walk around 7:40 from the backpacker hostel and across the Cow Hill to reached the Ben Nevis Visitor Center first.  (But there was no cow on the hill at all.)  The genterman in the visitor center was very kind and gave me lots of advises because he was worried that I were going to climb on my own and might wound up somewhere in the mountain.  Then, I started hiking around 8:30.  It's actually not possible to climb alone since it's Sunday and Ben Nevis is a popular spot.  There were so many hikers on the trail.  It's not really hard to go up but really a long walk.  And over half of the trail was rocky.  That really hurt my knees especially when I back down.  After the endless rocky way, I finally reached the submit.  I got great panoramic view which was lucky because 9 out of 10 days are cloudy in this peak.  It's also frezzing in the top of the mountain.  So, It took me 5 hours to get up there and 2.5 hours to back down.  And of cause the ache on the muscles and Knees for the next few days.  The trail is about 16 km round trip.  Plus the 2 miles from YH, I walked about 22.4 km one day.  I would say it's worth to do.  Show you the photos later.

That was my advanture with Ben Nevis.  The next day, I was planning to do something easy, taking the Harry Potter steam train.  But it was full booked and I have to do it the day after.  I wandered around the twon and decided to go to a water fall.  That's another advanture that I'll tell later. 

See you then~

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